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“My aim is for you to be in your heart-flow, happy, healthy, vibrant and empowered.  All I ask for is an open mind and a willingness to make some changes.  Then the real magic can begin”

– Colleen Young

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All sessions are virtual.

Tera-Mai™ Reiki Energy Healing

What clients say?

Feeling lighter, calmer and more relaxed.  Less burdened mentally and emotionally.  

A reduction in overwhelm.  There are many cases of a renewed zest for life and stepping into real happiness.  The impossible becoming possible.

How does Tera-Mai™ Reiki energy healing work?

Work stress, illness, poor diet and lifestyle, family or relationship issues, money worries, grief, abuse and trauma, leave their imprint in our energy flows.  With the challenges we face today, it is not surprising that our energy field is negatively impacted and we may feel “off”.  This affects our mood, our mental and physical health and even our openness to spirituality.

With Tera-Mai™ Reiki we restore the energy field to a state of harmony and balance. We can then transition into a place of calm, vitality, wellbeing and happiness. The very best version of you. This can be life changing.

What can I expect from Tera-Mai™ Reiki treatments?

A space for understanding, nurture and support.  I will listen and I will guide. I will be your rock.  We will start the journey of gradually changing things up.  

The energy healing is powerful and clearing.  It will help you to move forwards and away from what has been holding you back. Your energy field will be “cleaned up”, so we can raise your vibration and uplift you.

Most importantly this is a time for you.  To deeply relax, nourish and grow.

Who can have Tera-Mai™ Reiki energy healing?

Everyone: children, teens and adults.

Specialist Tera-Mai™ Reiki sessions may also include:-

  • Releasing of spent karmic debt.
  • Cutting ties to traumatic relationships and events.
  • Chakra clearing, energising and balancing.
  • Entity removal.
  • Initiations to open your own healing potential.
  • Specialist mentoring both personally or for the therapist
  • Unique wellness transformational programmes.

Book here for your discovery chat for any area of interest.

Please note that all sessions are virtual, face to face via Zoom. This in no way dilutes the potency of treatment. Programmes are personalised and unique to you.


“I just wanted to say a BIG thank you for my session with you. During the treatment I felt the energetic changes and the vibrational shift was powerful.  Today I feel lighter in my energy field and my mind is less cluttered, my decision making more assertive and my frame of mind unwavering.  I feel liberated today and far more in my power , knowing exactly what it is I want and that I have all the tools I need to get there. You’ve given me tools to help enforce the beliefs and help me to continue to move in the right direction.

I would recommend you without a shadow of a doubt and will be back for more energy work in the future.”

– Jasmin Appleyard

“I would like to say a massive thank you to Colleen for the wonderful energy treatment I received recently. I went to Colleen because I was feeling low, unmotivated and overwhelmed due to the stresses of homeschooling and lockdown.

Having never experienced an energy treatment before, Colleen put me at ease straight away. After the treatment, not only did I feel really relaxed, almost immediately, I felt something had shifted within me. It was as though the heavy weight I had been carrying around was gone and I found myself feeling a lot lighter and brighter. Now that I have experienced this treatment and it’s amazing results, I will definitely be booking another session again. Thank you Colleen, you are amazing.”

-Karen, Kent

“I met Colleen at an event and felt drawn to her aura.  I was in a difficult place in life and was apprehensive to commit to having sessions at that time.  However I knew I needed to talk.  My first session was truly uplifting.   My whole attitude towards myself improved.  I was able to smile again.

Colleen has continued to guide me and strengthen my relationship with myself and my relationship with those around me.”

– Noel Perry

“This year has been the toughest year that I have ever experienced and I am not exaggerating when I say without Colleen I would not be celebrating with my daughters this Christmas time. I had been heading towards a breakdown for such a long time and after the breakdown of my abusive marriage, it happened. I truly fell apart and couldn’t cope with all the emotions running through my head and heart. Thankfully I was put in contact with Colleen after a week of thinking of ways to leave all the pain behind. Throughout our remote/zoom healing sessions she helped me begin to heal and process the trauma and pain. She has been invaluable in me moving forward from a place of deep pain.

I am truly grateful for her caring, healing spirit and skills.”

– Sophia Moseley, Photographer/Author

“I recently had a virtual healing session with Colleen. Colleen is compassionate and a great listener. Colleen helped me define what I wanted done in my session. As an energy healer myself I understand that this is crucial to getting the best from a session. The session itself was amazing. The clearing was potent and I felt the benefits immediately.  I had been in a space of complete distress and felt totally stuck. Since my treatment i have been finding joy in everything once again. The morning after, I was dancing the dawn in (literally) at the beach.  I am relaxed, calm and happy again. Colleen offers a follow up afterwards to make sure your integration period has gone smoothly, which is also very important. 

I would absolutely recommend Colleen and will be returning for more session’s asap! 

Many Thanks to you Colleen I am grateful for your work.”

– Kelly Bond, Healer

“Colleen treated my son when he was suffering the effects of being poisoned by a fogger/disinfectant bomb at school.  Before the treatment he was pale, suffering from numbness in his legs and a sore throat.  Colleen made him very comfortable and relaxed during the remote treatment and he emerged visibly more relaxed and less anxious.  It was not until the next day that the full benefit showed – his colour returned and the numbness and sore throat completely cleared. 

I cannot thank Colleen enough for supporting us both through what was a very traumatic time and for restoring my son’s health and vitality.”

– Victoria Roads, Homeopath

“I have received treatments from Colleen over the past couple of years.  All have been pretty instantly beneficial, on both the physical and emotional, yet the most profound benefits I have felt are more noticeable after a couple of days and long lasting.  At times when I have felt stuck and bogged down with life and responsibilities I have experienced significant energy shifts.

More recently I have experienced remote treatments during lockdowns and whilst I was a little sceptical that the treatments may not be quite as healing as in person, I am also not a fan of zoom and video calls.  However, I was delighted to experience even more powerful results than before.  Colleen has a wonderful ability to connect with people, put them at ease, and get to heal the root cause of any issue.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

– Victoria Roads, Homeopath

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Bottles of Energy Medicine

Why would I take energy medicine?

To rebalance a negative emotional, mental or spiritual state and to take you forwards to a more positive place.  For example, to support your transition from very unconfident to one of greater confidence.  Or to help you with nervousness before an important exam, so you feel calmer and more in control.  I can also treat multiple concerns – all in one bottle.

Clients often take energy medicine alongside Tera-Mai™ Reiki energy sessions, to act as a supportive tool between treatments. 

What are bottles of energy medicine?

Remedies using the life force and natural healing properties found in nature.  They are lovingly prepared, for your areas of concern. They work in a similar way to homeopathy or a Bach flower remedy.   Suitable for children, teens and adults.

How do I take my energy medicine? 

A few drops are applied under the tongue.  You can take it several times a day, or as often as you feel you need it.  You can also add drops to your water and simply drink throughout the day.  You cannot “overdose”.  This is a safe and natural remedy and can be taken if you are on medication.

Do you make aromatic energy medicine mists?

Yes.  I make these the same way, but with the benefits of an essential oil of your choice ie. rose, may chang (similar to lemon grass) or lavender.   You simply spray the mist around your body and breathe in the beautiful healing fragrance.  An instant aaaaah moment.  

Many people find the combination of drops and mist give them the most potent and calming effect.


Energy medicine
Only £26, inc postage (UK)

Energy medicine & aromatic mist combi
Only £47, inc postage (UK)

Book here for your discovery chat to discuss your perfect blend.


"About a month ago I unintentionally heard about Reiki Healing. I'd never had a Reiki Healing session before and to be quite honest I had absolutely no idea what to expect.

With such big life changes going on in my personal life I new that I needed to try it as I was beginning to feel rather lost. From the moment I got in touch with Colleen to book my remote session I knew that I was in safe hands. I went into the session with an open mind and can honestly say the session changed me for the better.

From just one session my OCD has massively improved and I feel as if a weight has been lifted. The experience is truly uplifting with results I did not think possible! Colleen Young is an incredible healer and I am just so glad I found her!"

- Anonymous, NHS Nurse

Clean & Green Skincare

“I choose planet friendly, natural and nourishing ingredients over chemicals and toxicity” 

Colleen Young


People are waking up and becoming more conscious, but still smother their skin in chemicals.  Many substances can enter the body via the skin.  Some chemicals, absorbed in enough quantity, can cause hormone disruption and detrimental systemic effects.  Allergies are also at an all time high. 

Why would we consciously put a chemical product on our skin that is not good for us when much healthier alternatives are available? 

The alchemy of mother nature holds the luxury, the blissful scents and the results we desire.  She does not pollute and damage our amazing planet.  

I use and offer my clients Tropic products.  I feel we have most things covered: beautiful skin care, body care, sun range, hair products, make up (including premium brushes) and gift sets.  We have hero products for the special men in our lives too.  All posted to your doorstep.

I love the brand values:

  • Natural
  • Results driven
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Sustainably sourced
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty free
  • Certified carbon neutral
  • Products super-charged with cutting edge ingredients
  • Charitable

Click here and explore. 


“Since having to wear face coverings and having my second child, I had been really struggling with acne on my cheeks. I have used some of the “top” skin care products and just found that my skin was worsening and becoming dry. I started to lose my confidence and I didn’t want to show my face anymore. This is when I went to Colleen for advice. She recommended a full skin care plan and I have experienced the most amazing results. The redness went down within a week and the majority of my breakouts had gone within two. I also have my “glow” back. I never thought about using natural products, but I am amazed by the results! 

I highly recommend to anyone struggling with skin problems.  Thank you so much.”

– K Bennett

“Colleen recommended Tropic to me as I have sensitive skin and have suffered with acne rosacea in the past. They have been a real boost for me.  I love the eye work cream with cool applicator.  I also adore the vitamin toner and the Tamanu balm, which is more healing than anything else I have ever used.”

– Sandy Haddock, Artist


Wellbeing Boosters

"I believe that sometimes we need to reach out to the wonders of nutrition for restoration & balance of mind and body." 

Colleen Young

Poor sleep, anxiety, boosting the immune system, fatigue, depression and dry eyes are just a handful of issues I have been able to help with the right high quality supplement.  Sometimes we just need a little boost from mother nature to re-set the balance, especially as we navigate a stressful time or as we age.

Click here to book your discovery chat.  Sometimes a small change can make a big difference!

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