Wellbeing Boosters

Wellbeing Booster

“I believe that sometimes we need to reach out to the wonders of nutrition for restoration & balance of mind and body.” 

– Colleen Young

Poor sleep, anxiety, boosting the immune system, fatigue, depression and dry eyes are just a handful of issues I have been able to help with the right high quality supplement.  Sometimes we just need a little boost from mother nature to re-set the balance, especially as we navigate a stressful time or as we age.

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“I highly recommend the Multi Essentials For Women 50 Plus.  They had an immediate calming effect and have helped to provide energy and ease my menopause symptoms.”

– Clare (Teacher) East Sussex

“I have been using MegaMag PeriMeno Plus and I am now recommending this product to all of my peri-menopausal suffering friends!

Within 2 weeks I noticed my constant hot flushes had lessened and my night sweats were decreasing.  I didn’t realise how bad my brain fog was until I started taking MegaMag and it has now lifted!”

– Andrea (Age 49) East Sussex

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