Training & Workshops

Training & Workshops

When you learn to live in alignment with your heart, your mind and spirit, you co-create your dreams into reality.  I will teach you this in my Balance workshops and best of all, I will make it easy for you

– Colleen Young

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“My Balance workshops incorporate ancient philosophy and modern quantum science.  If you use the tools I show consistently and daily, you can transform your life.” 

– Colleen Young

Foundation Level:

  • Duration: One Day
  • Timings: 9.30 am to 2.30 pm
  • Venue: Delivered via Zoom
  • Dates: Please enquire for latest dates

This wonderful workshop is designed to empower YOU and even your business!

If you put everything into play that I share, you will learn to reduce anxiety, overwhelm, stress and fears. You will be able to anchor yourself in calm, even if all around you is in chaos.  All I ask of you is to commit a few minutes of your time daily to your practice and you will get results.  

And it gets better… 

This magical process will also assist in creating:

  • Healthier relationships
  • Self belief
  • Increased happiness
  • Greater confidence
  • The ability to work through and change up self-limiting thoughts
  • Enhanced creativity
  • More ease around learning and retaining knowledge
  • Clarity of thought
  • Stronger intuition
  • A reduction in fear
  • Release from fight/flight
  • Improvement in physical health
  • Clearer communication
  • More abundance (and yes, that can be money)

I will also show you how you can help others, such as your loved ones, your children and even your pets.  

Why Is This Way Of Working So Different?

It is simple, quick to learn and very effective.

  • This is not a therapy, it is a technique
  • You will not need to revisit or discuss any traumatic events or emotional issues
  • You are in control and in the driving seat
  • It is a one off cost that gives you the wisdom of how to live your best life

Is This An Approved Course?

Yes, it is approved by:-

  • IICT – International Institute for Complementary Therapies
  • FHT – Federation of Holistic Therapists


“When we witness the results our clients achieve, this is where the real learning exists for us”

– Colleen Young

Practitioner Level:

  • Part One Training: 10am to 1pm
  • Part Two Training: 10am to 11.30am
  • Dates: Please enquire for latest dates

Is This An Approved Course?

Yes, it is approved by:

  • IICT – International Institute for Complementary Therapies
  • FHT – Federation of Holistic Therapists
  • CTHA – Approved CPD courses

What Are The Benefits Of Training To Practitioner Level?

  • You can fuse this technique into your existing practitioner work or programmes to amplify the results.
  • You are working with your clients mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually with this technique – all in one session.
  • It is simple to learn and to convey to others.
  • It is a non-verbal technique, especially useful for cases involving severe trauma.
  • It is an empowering tool that does not create co-dependency between practitioner and client.
  • 1:1 Balance Sessions are charged between £100 and £150.
  • Practitioners who regularly practice this technique find it changes their lives too.  It keeps them happy, healthy and empowered and in a high vibrational state that co-creates abundance (Law of Attraction).
  • It is versatile.  You can provide a client session in person, online or on the phone.

What Is The Format Of Part One?

  • Revisit and embed your knowledge from the Balance Foundation Training.
  • A brief discussion around business requirements when using Balance.
  • To undertake your physical & theory assessments.  (Marked on the day).
  • Case studies explained and a checklist provided.  
  • Completion of 3 case studies before advancing to part 2.  

What Is The Format Of Part Two?

  • To share your experiences within your group and learn from each other.
  • To ask questions and gain further insights to support your work as an energy practitioner.
  • You can relax! You are now qualified or about to receive your qualification.

“I really enjoyed my Balance Workshop with Colleen.  It utilised many therapies together and gave me an easy, quick new daily wellbeing routine.

The outcome has been positive for me.  I am much calmer (my husband even noticed) and I find difficult situations easier to deal with.  I have been able to use the technique with my family too.”
–  Valerie Irvine – Kent

“Firstly, what can I say, Colleen is absolutely incredible! Amazing and passionate in all she does and how she teaches. I embarked on a beautiful and very special course with Colleen, to become and energy practitioner, to expand my holistic and healing therapies and career. This included Level 1 The Balance Procedure and Level 2 to become practitioner.
Wow what can I say, such an inspiring, special and positive course, to create balance and empowerment in your everyday lives! Full of love and light energy! To create whatever you wish to create going forwards. Thank you for this magical tool.
It was a true honour to complete this course with a lovely trainer like Colleen, who puts her up most everything into her students and her teaching, thank you yet again for this, I thoroughly loved every moment and meeting amazing like minded individuals.
Looking forward to future courses and learning with Colleen.”

– Rachel Page, Holistic Therapist/Energy Practitioner

“I recently completed the Level 1 part of Colleen’s Balance Procedure training and it was such a lovely experience.

I have experienced Colleen’s other energy practices for some time and have benefited so much from the healing and vibrational work she delivers that I was really eager to learn about the Balance Procedure and how I can integrate this into my everyday life.  And, of course, I wasn’t disappointed!  Colleen has such a lovely way of delivering the information, working at the level of everyone in the group and ensuring that we finished the day knowing that we have complete personal access to a tool that we can use on a daily basis to stay in a balance and aligned state – it’s so powerful!

Colleen’s love for her work and her clients shone through in just the way it does when she’s working 1-2-1.  I can’t wait to move onto Level 2 so I can incorporate this practice into my own coaching work.  Working with Colleen is truly an inspiration and a pleasure – thank you so much Colleen.”

– Kathy Hayman, The Loving Life Coach

“My training towards the Balance Procedure levels 1 and 2 with Colleen has been amazing transformational work. Firstly I would like to thank you personally Colleen for your amazing training and your time and effort.

Secondly Colleen is an excellent trainer! Colleen is patient and understanding and filled with love for what she does and the people she teaches which is reflected in the quality of the training she offers.

Colleen has made my learning experience one that’s filled me with confidence that I am able to carry out The Balance Procedure effectively and fills me with confidence that I will be Empowering others to take control of their lives .

Colleen is hands on and creates a space for all her student’s to feel safe and confident about what it is they are learning. Her knowledge and compassion is so valuable in her training. I never felt left behind or like I didn’t understand. The challenges I did face that would have been challenging to me on emotional level were quickly resolved/dissolved with Colleen there as a guide.

I highly recommend Colleen as a trainer. When learning new skills in my chosen field of energy work I want the best so I know I’m delivering the best to my client’s. I am very particular about who does my training I want excellence because I strive for excellence myself. Colleen delivers excellence every time.

I’m deeply grateful for you Colleen.  Thank you from the depths of my heart for training me.

Forever Grateful to you Colleen. Thank you so much.”

– Kelly Bond, Nurturing Hands 

“I just want to thank you Colleen for such an incredible and enjoyable course.  Learning to become a practitioner in The Balance Procedure has been such a joyful and enlightening experience.

Having Colleen use this procedure on me and reap the life transforming results and benefits really inspired me to earn how to become a practitioner.  I wanted to empower others to help change their lives in a simple and positive way.

Colleen is a fabulous trainer, she is dedicated in her work and to her students.  Energy healing is clearly her calling.  She is passionate, caring and gives her all to ensure her students are well trained, knowlegeable and confident.  She encourages questions and full participation during the course, taking everything at the pace suited to the group.

I cannot recommend her highly enough.  So much so that I would love to become a trainer under Colleen’s training.

If you would like to empower others to live their lives happier, more abundant and in a relaxed way, then Colleen is certainly the lovely lady you need to contact.”

– Ruth Hoddinott

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