Time to Shine Programme

Time to Shine

My Time To Shine Programme creates a bridge – taking you from where you are to where you want to be.

– Colleen Young

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An awakening process – bringing the life you secretly dream of into reality.

Mentoring, energy healing & mindset renewal.

A programme that is all about YOU and living your best life.


  • For when you have a desire to change up your life.
  • To reclaim your power and get your mojo back.
  • Reducing fear, stress, anxiety and overwhelm.
  • Co-creating more happiness and abundance.
  • Developing improved self-esteem and confidence.
  • Supporting you to feel more in control.
  • Enhancing your emotional, mental and physical resilience.
  • Greater understanding of your energy, mindset and spirituality.
  • Focused time around self-love and self-care.
  • Being accountable for your life and your wellbeing.
  • Dissolving limiting beliefs and negative self-talk.
  • Providing you with techniques and wellbeing tools for life.
  • Time for you to let go and anchor in calm.
My Support and Empowerment of You
I will be your guiding light, your rock, your cheerleader.  Your extra dash of hope and courage to push through your fears.  You will have someone to be accountable to.  No getting in your own way.  You will have my support until you feel ready to go solo. You will have the tools to stay in a great place and to live the amazing life you want to live.

A Typical Time To Shine Programme May Include:

Discussion & Exploration
Talking about areas in your life that are challenging or where you feel stuck. Creating clarity and solutions. Talking is energy and much can shift in these discussions.

The Transition To Calm Via Guided Meditation
Some of the energy work will commence with a short guided meditation to take you to a more relaxed state.  Here we are able to reduce stress and tension and prepare your physical and energetic bodies for what lies ahead in your session.

Specialist Energy Work

  • Clearing energetic imprints held in the auric field of mental and emotional wounds, grief, abuse and trauma. Dilution of the memories and experiences is created, so that healing and growth can take place.
  • Cutting energetic ties to traumatic events & people who have impacted your life, so that you can move forwards with more ease and flow.
  • Clearing ancestral patterns and trauma if these are holding you back.
  • Chakra cleansing and rebalancing to support your health emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.
  • Moving and maintaining the heart, mind & spirit into alignment. This puts you in a high vibrational state. Here you will be in your healthy, happy place and attracting abundance (Law of Attraction).
Mindset Shifting/Reframing
  • Clearing limiting beliefs and negative self-talk as they come up. Training you to clear these for yourself.

Face-To-Face On Zoom
Our Zoom sessions are as potent as if we were in the same room together, yet you have the advantage of your creature comforts and no travel time.

How Do I Get Started?

Simply click here for your discovery chat and let the magic begin.

Colleen has been an absolute blessing in my life. As an energy healer and coach myself, I deeply appreciate her authentic, kind, and genuine approach. From the moment I started working with her, it was clear that she genuinely cares about my well-being and is dedicated to supporting me in the best way possible.

When I reached out to Colleen, I was struggling with burnout and a sense of misalignment. Through her expert guidance, energy clearing techniques and thoughtful coaching, she helped me reset my nervous system and realign with my true self. Her emphasis on simplification, integrity, and self-care has been transformative.

Colleen’s sessions are powerful, yet always calming and gentle, providing exactly what I needed. I am incredibly grateful for her kindness, consideration, diligence, and understanding. Working with her has brought me immense clarity, alignment, and overall well-being.

As an energy healer and coach myself, I can confidently say that Colleen’s work is exceptional. Her approach has had a profound impact on my life, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking positive transformation. Colleen is a trusted and gifted healer who goes above and beyond to make a difference. I am truly grateful for the incredible work she does.


“I was in a very low place and didn’t know where to turn in order to improve my well being. I had gone through a very difficult few years and felt I’d hit a wall. I couldn’t continue the way I felt each day. I’d lost my mum, gone through a very sad divorce, had to move from my home to several temporary accommodations and take on some strenuous jobs to get by. I’d qualified for police officer training and then discovered I had cancer! I was overwhelmed with all the challenges thrown my way. At this point I happened to see a friends post about a healing session. She posted a photo of a cosy sofa, snuggly pillow and blanket! It was the answer, I needed some healing!

I contacted Colleen and from a very tearful first session I have not looked back. She has honestly changed everything for me. Her beautiful smiling face and kind calming voice instantly soothed me. She radiates hope and positivity. During our Time To Shine programme sessions she has taught me how to change my thoughts, believe in myself and my dreams. She has helped me to see and feel worthy and deserving of a happy, fulfilled life. I now have a “toolbox” full of things to help me help myself. From the second session onwards I felt stronger, happier, positive and open to a better life.

Truly amazing, I am delighted with the way Colleen has helped me. She is inspirational, humble, funny and generous. I enjoyed every moment of “getting better”.

Thank you Colleen.

– Ruth Hoddinott

“I cannot thank you enough Colleen for empowering me to take back my power and build a beautiful, happy, new life.

I was introduced to the lovely Colleen through a mutual friend who I knew was going through a particularly tough time with a past traumatic experience.  Within moments of talking to Colleen I felt an instant connection of being able to open up and confide in her with regards to what I had been through and how I had felt stuck in the past.

After our initial chat, we came up with a plan.  I signed up to learn The Balance Procedure (a fantastic life tool) and then start Colleen’s Time To Shine Programme.

I have just finished my last session of my Time To Shine Programme and WOW JUST WOW!  In a relatively short space of time I have achieved so much.  So many good and positive things have come into my life, including finances and selling & buying a new home.  Possibly the best transformation is complete detachment emotionally from my old life.

Colleen said I would feel “shiny and new” by the end of her programme and that is exactly how I felt and do feel.  I am excited about my life once again, I am emotionally detached from a person that caused me much pain emotionally and physically and I am happily moving forwards.”

– Karen Jones, Fitness Coach/Energy Practitioner & Author

I started working with Colleen in May 2021 following the lockdown, as I felt that I had lost my business mojo and needed to smash through some blocks.  I felt it was time to take my business to the next level but these blocks were keeping me small and playing safe.  My lovely friend Karen Davies, had previously had treatment with Colleen and could not recommend her highly enough.

After speaking with Colleen, she felt that her ‘Time to Shine’ program would suit me best and I plunged right in. I felt an instant connection and rapport with Colleen.  During our first session, she brought up an old, not particularly well known, spiritual poem on her screen.  It is the very wording that I have on my bracelet! It gave me goosebumps!

Her belief in me was so encouraging, and her persistent, but positive nudging for me to reach new heights was truly inspirational.  To say that I have smashed through my blocks would be an understatement.  The things that I have achieved in the last 2 months, since working with Colleen has been nothing short of a miracle!  I truly feel that she has helped me to completely break free of my blocks and to now live the life that I was meant to.

I am incredibly grateful for her kind, intuitive, energising support and cannot recommend her enough. Thank you Colleen!

– Kate McCosh, Coach

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