Specialising in supporting women to create much needed change/s is what I do. Having reinvented my life a fair few times I really get that women are often juggling far too much – work, children, family, home responsibilities and the list goes on. It can be exhausting. It is not surprising that women are often stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, depressed, or just not as happy as they could be. Throw in a major life event or two and wham – that can be enough to create total burn out on every level: physically, mentally and emotionally. Ouch!

Many women are in the habit of putting others first, feeling guilty when they reclaim a little ME time and just not creating the space for themselves to just “be” for a while in order for their batteries to recharge. I appreciate it can be a challenge when we are all so busy, but it is possible.

It always fascinates me the urgency we place on charging our phone up, yet we allow our own precious batteries to run low a lot of the time without a blink of an eye! An interesting priority don’t you think?

So how about you? Could you do with a little recharge? What can you create for yourself or change up that would bring about a positive impact to your life? Not only will you benefit, but a happier, healthier you impacts all those in your circle. They will feel it. They will benefit. Everyone loves to be around people who are happy, vibrant and in the flow of life.   It uplifts you too!

I am currently working on feeling more comfortable with not getting everything done that I want to complete (another honest ouch). That sometimes I cannot be everything to everyone and I do have to say no to some things I want to instinctively say yes to. There is always an area we can transition through and grow and the feeling of triumph when we have accomplished working through a pattern that is just not healthy for us is just awesome.

I hope this blog hits home to you in some way?  My intention is always to share something close to my heart that I feel may help others.

The truth is, if we want change we have to create it for ourselves. We have to bring it into reality. So whatever it is, we need to set the intention, believe we can do it and however hard it is, bring our vision into existence, by getting out of our own way. Sometimes a tiny change can make a really big difference to the quality of our lives.

So I will be working on smashing a few blocks in my path. I do hope you join me in breaking through something in yours.

You deserve it!