For many years I have suffered from health anxieties, always imagining any illness was the worst scenario and fearful of going or even thinking about going to any medical appointments and would avoid these as much as possible. This is until I had ONE session with Colleen, who used her truly professional magic to banish my severe health anxiety issue. I state a recent example, I had a medical appointment with tests recently and found myself not worrying about going and went on my own and basically went with the flow of all the tests without the anxiety! This has occurred several times now, so I know it is down to the session with Colleen.

I would not hesitate to recommend Colleen; she is a beautiful soul, who puts you at ease and always looks at the individual, adapting to their needs and works holistically and utterly professionally.

I have tried other treatments in the past with no success, but Colleen has dramatically changed my life and energy, facilitating a more positive living experience.

Melanie, Kent.