“I recently completed the Level 1 part of Colleen’s Balance Procedure training and it was such a lovely experience.

I have experienced Colleen’s other energy practices for some time and have benefited so much from the healing and vibrational work she delivers that I was really eager to learn about the Balance Procedure and how I can integrate this into my everyday life.  And, of course, I wasn’t disappointed!  Colleen has such a lovely way of delivering the information, working at the level of everyone in the group and ensuring that we finished the day knowing that we have complete personal access to a tool that we can use on a daily basis to stay in a balance and aligned state – it’s so powerful!

Colleen’s love for her work and her clients shone through in just the way it does when she’s working 1-2-1.  I can’t wait to move onto Level 2 so I can incorporate this practice into my own coaching work.  Working with Colleen is truly an inspiration and a pleasure – thank you so much Colleen.”

– Kathy Hayman, The Loving Life Coach