“I was in a very low place and didn’t know where to turn in order to improve my well being. I had gone through a very difficult few years and felt I’d hit a wall. I couldn’t continue the way I felt each day. I’d lost my mum, gone through a very sad divorce, had to move from my home to several temporary accommodations and take on some strenuous jobs to get by. I’d qualified for police officer training and then discovered I had cancer! I was overwhelmed with all the challenges thrown my way. At this point I happened to see a friends post about a healing session. She posted a photo of a cosy sofa, snuggly pillow and blanket! It was the answer, I needed some healing!

I contacted Colleen and from a very tearful first session I have not looked back. She has honestly changed everything for me. Her beautiful smiling face and kind calming voice instantly soothed me. She radiates hope and positivity. During our Time To Shine programme sessions she has taught me how to change my thoughts, believe in myself and my dreams. She has helped me to see and feel worthy and deserving of a happy, fulfilled life. I now have a “toolbox” full of things to help me help myself. From the second session onwards I felt stronger, happier, positive and open to a better life.

Truly amazing, I am delighted with the way Colleen has helped me. She is inspirational, humble, funny and generous. I enjoyed every moment of “getting better”.

Thank you Colleen.

– Ruth Hoddinott