“I just want to thank you Colleen for such an incredible and enjoyable course.  Learning to become a practitioner in The Balance Procedure has been such a joyful and enlightening experience.

Having Colleen use this procedure on me and reap the life transforming results and benefits really inspired me to earn how to become a practitioner.  I wanted to empower others to help change their lives in a simple and positive way.

Colleen is a fabulous trainer, she is dedicated in her work and to her students.  Energy healing is clearly her calling.  She is passionate, caring and gives her all to ensure her students are well trained, knowlegeable and confident.  She encourages questions and full participation during the course, taking everything at the pace suited to the group.

I cannot recommend her highly enough.  So much so that I would love to become a trainer under Colleen’s training.

If you would like to empower others to live their lives happier, more abundant and in a relaxed way, then Colleen is certainly the lovely lady you need to contact.”

– Ruth Hoddinott