“I cannot thank you enough Colleen for empowering me to take back my power and build a beautiful, happy, new life.

I was introduced to the lovely Colleen through a mutual friend who I knew was going through a particularly tough time with a past traumatic experience.  Within moments of talking to Colleen I felt an instant connection of being able to open up and confide in her with regards to what I had been through and how I had felt stuck in the past.

After our initial chat, we came up with a plan.  I signed up to learn The Balance Procedure (a fantastic life tool) and then start Colleen’s Time To Shine Programme.

I have just finished my last session of my Time To Shine Programme and WOW JUST WOW!  In a relatively short space of time I have achieved so much.  So many good and positive things have come into my life, including finances and selling & buying a new home.  Possibly the best transformation is complete detachment emotionally from my old life.

Colleen said I would feel “shiny and new” by the end of her programme and that is exactly how I felt and do feel.  I am excited about my life once again, I am emotionally detached from a person that caused me much pain emotionally and physically and I am happily moving forwards.”

– Karen Jones, Fitness Coach/Energy Practitioner & Author