Release From Trauma Programme

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When the highly aroused feelings associated with trauma are removed, it creates the freedom to live fully again, feeling safe, in control and with confidence.”


– Colleen Young

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Release From Trauma Programme

For both Men & Women to Breakthrough One-Off Trauma Events

When we have experienced something highly threatening or dangerous, physically and/or psychologically, a natural survival response is activated within us.  Our incredible mind/body system carries out essential checks which facilitate recovery from these events.  For this to happen we need to return to a state of balance and calm post trauma.

There are times when there are barriers to this natural adjustment process and this is when it can have a negative impact.   When this happens, certain triggers or thoughts may then play out in different ways such as total panic, fear, anxiety, depression, flashbacks, nightmares, loss of confidence etc.  This can deeply affect life quality and the choices someone feels safe to make.


Colleen blends highly effective psychotherapeutic tools with a refined and specialist technique to treat one off trauma events.  It is a safe, effective and fast process.   Examples of the work undertaken include: grief trauma, the impact of suicide on loved ones, rape, physical attacks, car accidents, health anxieties and abandonment. 

You will have a discovery chat in the first instance and should you be suited to treatment, this is then arranged.

A  typical Release From Trauma Programme session may play out as follows:

  • Phase 1: Information gathering to create a landscape for the work that Colleen is going to co-create with you.  You will not need to discuss in detail the traumatic event.
  • Phase 2: A deeply relaxing phase, where you will be in a highly receptive state, yet still in control, feeling safe and very calm.
  • Phase 3: The work phase, where we safely “rewire and refire” the amygdala in the brain, which has been on red alert since the trauma event.  With the amygdala now out of red alert mode and re-set, we are able to create a new “file” connected to the trauma, but this time filed away without the highly arousing emotional impact.
  • Phase 4: Bringing you gently back to the present feeling calm, relaxed and alert.
  • Phase 5:  Arranging a time to check in with you at a later date.  Normally this is a few days later.

What Do Clients Typically Report at The End of Their Programme?

Most clients state that they feel neutral and calm when they are requested to reach for the memory of the traumatic event.  Some clients have found it more difficult to access the trauma memory, or they state it feels like it is in the past.

Where is This Work Carried Out?

Online.  However under certain circumstances this programme may be carried out in person.

How Long Does The Programme Take?

It is advisable to allow up to 2 hours for your programme with Colleen.  However please note that treatment time varies from person to person.  It is strongly recommended that you allow an hour or two of integration and calm post programme.  (Please remember this is a huge transformational shift).



Thank you for your help with the Trauma Release Programme.  We covered some very deep rooted challenges and I am delighted to say the positive affects have proved to be long lasting.

In summary, I feel lighter and the “burden” has lifted.

Thanks again, you have been a real gift.

Steve, Kent.



Working with Colleen has been an incredible experience.  She has helped me feel more confident and calm-minded.  I was struggling with high cortisol levels and constant stress and feeling in a perpetual state of fight or flight.

Colleen’s understanding nature and effective techniques have made a significant difference to my life.  I highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their mental wellbeing.

Jade, Kent

Colleen came to me highly recommended, so I was very eager to seek her help. After my precious mother passed away.  The feelings of guilt and sadness were overwhelming.  I was torturing myself with awful thoughts of not doing enough to ease her pain.

The Trauma Release Programme with Colleen removed all the images and trauma I kept revisiting in my mind, covering the last few days of my mother’s life.

Thank you Colleen.


Birchington on Sea

For many years I have suffered from health anxieties, always imagining any illness was the worst scenario and fearful of going or even thinking about going to any medical appointments and would avoid these as much as possible. This is until I had ONE session with Colleen, who used her truly professional magic to banish my severe health anxiety issue. I state a recent example, I had a medical appointment with tests recently and found myself not worrying about going and went on my own and basically went with the flow of all the tests without the anxiety! This has occurred several times now, so I know it is down to the session with Colleen.

I would not hesitate to recommend Colleen; she is a beautiful soul, who puts you at ease and always looks at the individual, adapting to their needs and works holistically and utterly professionally.

I have tried other treatments in the past with no success, but Colleen has dramatically changed my life and energy, facilitating a more positive living experience.

Melanie, Kent.

After a traumatic experience during surgery, many years ago, I have had an extreme fear of operating theatres ever since. I am about to face a total hip replacement surgery, which I have put off for 6 years! Due to the impact on the quality of my life and my current pain levels, I’ve decided the surgery has to be done, but have been feeling rising panic and dread at the thought of it.

I had ONE trauma session with Colleen this week, which was very relaxing and calming in the moment and appeared to have reduced the panic I was feeling. Two days later I can think about the visit to the hospital and the operation with absolutely no reaction at all! I feel completely neutral!

I never thought this could happen and I am so grateful to Colleen for taking me through this simple but highly effective process. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Kathy Hayman
Conscious Living Coach

After a pretty much life-long trauma and fear-based approach to anything medical, Colleen worked her magic with me and it completely went in just one session. I’m now free of that fear and able to live more freely and happily, thanks to Colleen.

Wendy, Kent

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