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“Protect what is precious and that includes your energy field”

– Colleen Young

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“In our digital world, we need to remember we are human.  We are not designed to accommodate the bombardment of electro-magnetic frequencies we are now experiencing today.  It is my belief that this impacts our mental, emotional and physical health”.

Frequency technology uses information, in the form of fields or vibrations, to create beneficial change. Each device stores and radiates an intelligent combination of harmonising fields. I have used my protection devices for many years now and I would not be without them.  They create a real peace of mind for both myself and my family.

Space Pyramid

Space Pyramid™

The Space Pyramid™ is a home or workspace harmoniser. Programmed with an intelligent mix of powerful resonant frequencies, designed to clear energetic disturbances.

Every space has its own vibe, whether negative, neutral or positive. We have all had that experience when you walk into a room and feel a happy vibe or perhaps feel uncomfortable.  Traditional systems like Feng Shui involve rearranging features and changing colour schemes to heal negative energy. TheSpace Pyramid™ works with a similar aim.



Not everybody is aware that wireless devices emit low level radiation, which may be damaging to health.  smartDOT™ is a magnetic disc created to interact with this type of radiation.  It acts as a filter and re-tunes electro-magnetic frequencies at source, so they are no longer harmful for the human body to absorb.  

Many people elect to use these on their phones, computers and on the wifi router.  You simply attach the smartDOT™, using the adhesive backing.  This can be discreet ie. you can place one to the back of your phone, hidden behind your protective case! Can be purchased as a single or as a multi pack.  

The benefits may include improvements in energy, mood, concentration and a reduction in anxiety, fatigue and headaches.



When we are surrounded by technology, winding down can really be impacted. sleepDOT™ is programmed with soothing vibrations to help you catch some well earned z’s. 

The natural frequencies encourage your brain to slow to the theta and delta frequencies.  These are the slowest frequencies of the brain, associated with deep relaxation and present during meditation and deep dreamless sleep.  Simply attach your adhesive sleep dot to an object near to where you sleep and you are good to go.

Teardrop necklace

Teardrop Necklace

A major hindrance to feeling energetic is the high levels of radiation we now find ourselves in via phones, wifi, computers, games consoles, baby monitors etc.  This can lead to lethargy, anxiety and a lack of motivation.

This delicate, hand-made, teardrop shaped pendant, is engraved with the seed of life pattern and is sterling silver.  It has a low powered magnet programmed with a recipe of frequencies to support the energy field and is designed to re-charge your batteries and increase your resilience to energetic disturbances shown to cause symptoms of electro-stress.

It has been tested via Polycontrast Interference Photography and offers proven change from disturbances in our energy field.

A wonderful wellbeing gift for yourself or someone special.


“I have used the Energy Dots on my mobile phone, my i-pad and as a belt pendant on my therapy uniform.  I can honestly say that I have felt more grounded and centred using them, than without them.

I have also worked in a clinic with the space pyramid and this was by far the most peaceful and tranquil energy I have ever worked in on a consistent basis.”

– Ben Barnett, Holistic Therapist (25 years experience)

“I purchased an Energy Dot and a pack of smart dots some years ago, to protect my energy from my phone and electrical devices.  I was going through what I can only describe as a seriously traumatic time.  I was trying to cope with multiple life changing challenges at once, including a bereavement which deeply impacted me.

Looking back, I do not know how I managed to get through it all and keep my energy levels in any form of normality – but I did.  I am convinced the Energy Dot which acts like an energy booster made all the difference.  So thank you for your advice Colleen.  I would never be without my clip and protective smart dots.”

– Anonymous (Client from Sussex)

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