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“My aim is for you to be in your heart-flow, happy, healthy, vibrant and empowered.  All I ask for is an open mind and a willingness to make some changes.  Then the real magic can begin”

– Colleen Young

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“I choose planet friendly, natural and nourishing ingredients over chemicals and toxicity” 

– Colleen Young


People are waking up and becoming more conscious, but still smother their skin in chemicals.  Many substances can enter the body via the skin.  Some chemicals, absorbed in enough quantity, can cause hormone disruption and detrimental systemic effects.  Allergies are also at an all time high. 

Why would we consciously put a chemical product on our skin that is not good for us when much healthier alternatives are available? 

The alchemy of mother nature holds the luxury, the blissful scents and the results we desire.  She does not pollute and damage our amazing planet.  

I use and offer my clients Tropic products.  I feel we have most things covered: beautiful skin care, body care, sun range, hair products, make up (including premium brushes) and gift sets.  We have hero products for the special men in our lives too.  All posted to your doorstep.

I love the brand values:

  • Natural
  • Results driven
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Sustainably sourced
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty free
  • Certified carbon neutral
  • Products super-charged with cutting edge ingredients
  • Charitable

“Since having to wear face coverings and having my second child, I had been really struggling with acne on my cheeks. I have used some of the “top” skin care products and just found that my skin was worsening and becoming dry. I started to lose my confidence and I didn’t want to show my face anymore. This is when I went to Colleen for advice. She recommended a full skin care plan and I have experienced the most amazing results. The redness went down within a week and the majority of my breakouts had gone within two. I also have my “glow” back. I never thought about using natural products, but I am amazed by the results! 

I highly recommend to anyone struggling with skin problems.  Thank you so much.”

– K Bennett

“Colleen recommended Tropic to me as I have sensitive skin and have suffered with acne rosacea in the past. They have been a real boost for me.  I love the eye work cream with cool applicator.  I also adore the vitamin toner and the Tamanu balm, which is more healing than anything else I have ever used.”

– Sandy Haddock, Artist

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