Bottles of Energy Medicine

Energy bottles

“I adore blending energy medicines for my clients, knowing that between sessions they may be taken to provide a little extra support. Their uses are infinite.”

– Colleen Young

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Why would I take energy medicine?

To rebalance a negative emotional, mental or spiritual state and to take you forwards to a more positive place.  For example, to support your transition from very unconfident to one of greater confidence.  Or to help you with nervousness before an important exam, so you feel calmer and more in control.  I can also treat multiple concerns – all in one bottle.

Clients often take energy medicine alongside Tera-Mai™ Reiki energy sessions, to act as a supportive tool between treatments. 

What are bottles of energy medicine?

Remedies using the life force and natural healing properties found in nature.  They are lovingly prepared, for your areas of concern. They work in a similar way to homeopathy or a Bach flower remedy.   Suitable for children, teens and adults.

How do I take my energy medicine? 

A few drops are applied under the tongue.  You can take it several times a day, or as often as you feel you need it.  You can also add drops to your water and simply drink throughout the day.  You cannot “overdose”.  This is a safe and natural remedy and can be taken if you are on medication.

Do you make aromatic energy medicine mists?

Yes.  I make these the same way, but with the benefits of an essential oil of your choice ie. rose, may chang (similar to lemon grass) or lavender.   You simply spray the mist around your body and breathe in the beautiful healing fragrance.  An instant aaaaah moment.  

Many people find the combination of drops and mist give them the most potent and calming effect.


Energy medicine
Only £26, inc postage (UK)

Energy medicine & aromatic mist combi
Only £47, inc postage (UK)

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“I feel great”.

William.  Kent (4.5 years old)

“Immediately after just a few drops of energy medicine, I felt my overwhelming emotions
re-balance, giving me the support I needed to control my stress and fears”.

– Anonymous Teenager (Age 16) Sussex

“About a month ago I unintentionally heard about Reiki Healing. I’d never had a Reiki Healing session before and to be quite honest I had absolutely no idea what to expect.

With such big life changes going on in my personal life I new that I needed to try it as I was beginning to feel rather lost. From the moment I got in touch with Colleen to book my remote session I knew that I was in safe hands. I went into the session with an open mind and can honestly say the session changed me for the better.

From just one session my OCD has massively improved and I feel as if a weight has been lifted. The experience is truly uplifting with results I did not think possible! Colleen Young is an incredible healer and I am just so glad I found her!”

– Anonymous, NHS Nurse

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