If you have been feeling a little low, not your usual “sparky self”, lost a bit of direction and have done quite a bit of reflecting about the past, you are not alone.  I have too!  I have been re-evaluating my life, making some serious decisions and equally carried out a bit of routine soul searching.

I am not too sure how it crept up on me, but getting Covid for sure did not help.  It dampened my spirits, hijacked my usual love of life and vitality and recalibrated my mojo.  Over the last few days I have been able to work, however I have stared at my computer screen, pushed paper around the table and actually felt quite bored with life.  So today, after a few hours of time wasting, I got up, threw on my hiking shoes and jacket and reconnected with nature, the trees, the birdsong, the fresh air, the pungent soil and came back with a small spark.  It was tiny.  Nothing life-changing I thought.  However, it was in disguise.

That tiny spark was clearly all I needed.  That spark created just enough motivation to make a simple enquiry call I have been putting off for ages.  I signed up for something I have been meaning to do for a few years now. Something I have procrastinated on. That call provided the answers I needed to embark.  I felt inspired again.  I had co-created into my existence an opportunity to learn and grow and that always excites me, fires up my soul.  But most importantly, I had a sign post in the ground for something special to look forward to.

I know as a person I have to constantly learn.  I love to share with others.  I adore community and I need things to look forward to. I thrive on immersing myself in something I feel passionate about.  That makes my eyes shine with delight and enthusiasm and provides me with that bushy tail feeling.

If you have felt in any way not your normal self.  Do consider sitting with a bit of “uncomfortable”.   Facing your obstacles.  This is where the real growth is.  Be present with your feelings, no matter how hard and allow yourself a little time to process them and readjust your life where necessary.

This world is a very different place and the one thing that is certain, is we need to be in our personal power.  We need to look after ourselves in every way and we are required to make our own personal “magic” happen.  I created mine and I will be reminding myself ongoing that creating this magic is essential.

I do hope you can find a pathway to yours.  The key is always listening to your soul and hearing what makes it sing.  Sometimes a change is needed and only we can make that happen.  We hold the golden key.