So that wonderful word CHANGE.  There are changes that we would all happily embrace when they feel positive.  But what if we are feeling a bit flat, lost our motivation in areas we have been totally fine on before and know we need to create a different way forward in our life?  Sometimes we do not know exactly why we feel like this, but we do know it is affecting our mood, our joy in life and our vibration.

I have just experienced a monumental “hit” of change energy.  Initially I did not recognise it as a need to deeply reflect, rest and try and gain a bit of clarity.  I just thought I had become depleted from not having a proper holiday for several years.  When I created a very uncomfortable space for myself to sit in and get real (believe me I dodged this for ages), I was able to start to piece together recent events that had created an environment of having too much to deal with, a total overwhelm for my senses.  I also came to acknowledge that what I was going through was a reflection of the past.  A similar scenario of everything happening at once, where urgent matters needing dealing with yesterday and where I put others before me.  I then thought, if I am revisiting this scenario, I am clearly being asked to deal with this differently and that really got me thinking.

  • So, I have said NO to matters I felt were relevant.
  • I started to create important boundaries to honour and love myself and equally love those around me, without the by-product of depletion.
  • I forced myself to take some quiet time to process, clear and to start the journey of healing and bring in clarity for myself, for my NEW SELF to do this all a bit differently and wow this feels good!
  •  I took baby steps of action in areas of urgency, so that I could step off the hamster’s wheel of being stuck in the same place.  I know that these baby steps eventually create solution and closure.
  • I have let go of contemplating outcomes.  I have set the intention of satisfactory solutions.  I believe this will happen.  I trust the process.
  • I park the problems and areas of concern on the “problem shelf” at the end of the day and take them off at appropriate times when I can focus on these for a while.  I will not allow them to become all consuming.
  • I received an energy clearing treatment from a dear friend.  This allowed me to draw a line under the “old me”, the “old way of doing things”.  This is exactly what I would offer to my clients and I needed to treat myself in the same way.  I felt fresh the next day and ready to face the world differently.  I was again empowered.
  •   I have promised myself time for other things other than problem solving.
There is no doubt in my mind we have a very challenging time ahead with what is going on in the world.  Perhaps the universe is asking us to step up?  Are we up for the task?  Where are our weak spots?  Do we need to re-birth?

If you can relate to any of my personal experience I have vulnerably placed on the table, I hope that you find something here that helps.  You are not alone.  This is a normal process to grow.  To become an even more amazing version of yourself.  Brighter.   Shinier and even more capable and able than before.  Resisting just keeps us stuck and we cannot expand our human experience.

Do reach out if you need me.  If you would like my support.  I am here.  I get it.  I know this journey.  It does not have to be a lonely one.

In the alchemy of life, perhaps we end the change and re-birth story with the book being placed down gently with a sigh of triumph and peace, knowing that we conquered, sitting in our brand new skin.  Simply renewed.