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“I am an explorer, a seeker of knowledge and a warrior for change and growth.  I am not afraid to be different.  I choose to live my very best life.  I exist in the energy of love and believe in limitless possibility.

– Colleen Young

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“Using energy to release stress, anxiety and overwhelm”

My greatest desire is to support you on your unique journey to a happier, lighter and more vibrant life.

Walking the terrain of a woman has a great many challenges, as well as a treasure box of magical experiences. I walk the path of a woman.  I have experienced many of the issues you face. I get you.    

So many women are struggling to be it all.  A brilliant Mum, possibly doing everything on her own, a great wife, a loyal friend, a dynamic businesswoman, a valued carer for a family member.  The list is endless.

The struggle is amplified with the challenges of peri-menopause and menopause, a crisis such as a trauma event, grief or a relationship break-up.  This can become a lonely and vulnerable time.  Women often reach out unhappy, depleted, depressed, fatigued and stuck in a negative place. This is when we can work together and start the transition to become the very best version of you.  

About Me

My wellbeing career path was ignited in 1997, when I qualified in the healing arts.  This prompted a real awakening for me personally, spiritually and professionally.  Over the years I have trained in many holistic and psychotherapeutic modalities, established two successful wellbeing clinics and become a mentor and trainer.  Every step of my life path has provided new adventures, insights and experiences.  These shape the way I work today.

My life journey has taught me the importance of a positive mindset and how my thoughts and actions create my reality.  I am heart-centred.  I trust my intuition.  I create clear visions of where I want to be and I push through my fears to get there (not always an easy task).   I am spiritual, yet practical and grounded.  

I have niched in working to release clients from the chains of trauma/PTSD and phobias and have a blended approach to do so safely and really quickly. 

My clients frequently report profound and life changing shifts.  It is a deeply moving and magical experience.  One I feel honoured to share.

How Can I Help You?

A discovery chat allows you to explore my services and discuss your needs.

Click here and let’s talk.  You deserve nothing but the amazing life you were meant to live.


“About a month ago I unintentionally heard about Reiki Healing. I’d never had a Reiki Healing session before and to be quite honest I had absolutely no idea what to expect.

With such big life changes going on in my personal life I new that I needed to try it as I was beginning to feel rather lost. From the moment I got in touch with Colleen to book my remote session I knew that I was in safe hands. I went into the session with an open mind and can honestly say the session changed me for the better.

From just one session my OCD has massively improved and I feel as if a weight has been lifted. The experience is truly uplifting with results I did not think possible! Colleen Young is an incredible healer and I am just so glad I found her!”

– Anonymous, NHS Nurse

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